May-Morial Day

I found this basket at the dollar store and saw something in it!  I just had to pick it up…I had a half a can of blue paint leftover from the hutch so I got to work on painting it blue.  Once it dried, I added styrofoam inside and hopped over to my favorite store to pick out some natural-looking stems to fill it with.  I also found a cute wooden star to attach to the front.  Here is how it turned out!  And for the top:Back:It was a gift for Jeremy’s Mom and she loved it!  What do you think? I hope you are already thinking of the baskets you own and how you can spruce them up!  The next project I have with a basket is to dip the bottom 1/4 part in paint to add some color 🙂

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Paint update

Well we have spent about 7-8 hours painting and have almost half the house done!


I am in need of a makeover! NOW!

As of yesterday: I realize we need to finish the bottom!  That will be our last step because it keeps getting dirty with all the rain…and we won’t get on that subject.  Only a few more weeks until we get our dirt and start buying stone.  I better figure out where I want all those plants (I bought them on sale and stuck them in the ground…they are still waiting for a forever home!)

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Tea Time

Remember my trip to the Nostalgia Shoppe? I earned 7 bunny bucks and had to spend them because they were going to expire.  Jeremy and I stopped in to see what was new. I loved these huge woven baskets and thought they would be cool to hang on the exterior wall by our back patio, but didn’t want to spend a lot today.  There were also three awesome crates like the one I already own.  I ended up falling for a mustard yellow tea pot. (I know, you are shocked!)Tomorrow I plan on rain 😦 😦 😦 but I will make the best of it with some indoor projects using vinyl and an update on the painting project!

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key lime is divine!

Remember my successful visit to the antique store?  WELL…here is the  candleabra after a face lift!I used key lime green and spray painted it top to bottom.  I can’t wait to put candles in it and maybe add some fun gems!  Perfect for the fun black-and-white bedroom 🙂

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Pretty Pots

Well I just can’t bring myself to spend 30-50 buckaroos on the colorful pots I keep falling for…

I found some cheap pots at Menards for $2.50  I figured spray paint can fix anything!  I picked out key lime and a speckled black for now.  The key lime I needed for the candelabra anyway.After:I think the green one needs a cute garden-ish vinyl quote!

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Whistle While You Paint

Well….today was the day!

We started with power washing the whole house yesterday praying that today’s weather forecast would hold true.  Thanks to the weather man who didn’t suck at his job for once! 😉

I got started on the trimAfter an hour of painting we were about 1/3 of the way done but our tummy pots were grumbling.  I made some veggie joes...delish!Then back to work!  We painted for about 3.5 hours and got the front of the house done as well as a teensy portion of the side.  If tomorrow isn’t so cloudy with a chance of meatballs rain, maybe I can paint some more…just gotta watch my hand cramping up because I have 2 volleyball games!

Here is today’s result:I know…kinda boring but once I get the shutters, flowers, bushes and stone I want it will be our castle! (I already have the prince 😉 )

TTFN! Happy Spring!

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Wreath by Tina

My 24th birthday was last week and Tina made me a cute spring wreath.  She used a foam ring and hot glued colorful cupcake liners all over it.  I thought it was so cute that I would post it in case you wanted to make one!

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