The happy coupleI’m Kayla Hoffman and this is my husband, Jeremy.  I am 23 (24 soon!) and he is 26 (27 soon!)  We met in 2005, bought a house in 2009 and got married later that year.  That is our life in a nutshell! Don’t worry, I will elaborate as I add more to my blog.  As for now, I will tell you a little about myself.

I have always been creative but not in the usual artistic way.  I guess I get it from my Dad; he has the amazing talent of recreating anything he sees without any effort, or so it seems.

My Dad and Stepmom, Chris

I grew up watching my Dad design our house and playing at door and window stores while he picked out the perfect pieces to his masterpiece.  My Dad has built many beautiful houses but his style is not similar to mine.  That’s where my mom comes in; I believe I am a mesh of the two.

I get my style from her.

My Mom

She isn’t afraid of color (notice the red wall!) and loves bargains and hunting endlessly for the perfect accent to her decor.  I often like the exact same pieces as she does.  I remember my mom decorating her bedroom in red, white and blue; she found so many fun ways to incorporate accents she found but it never looked like she had gone overboard.

My style is eclectic; I enjoy modern, antique and rustic pieces, but love to mix and match.  It’s really hard for me to hone in on one style because I like everything in moderation.  Mostly, I love color!  Not in the sense that you feel like you will have a seizure upon entering my home, but I like to try things that other people might shy away from.  I have always loved red, but at times I get kind of obsessed with mustard yellow, navy, teal, and did I mention red?

I find ways to incorporate color that can easily be changed if I get tired of it.  For example, I would opt for red pillows on a neutral couch because it would be cheaper and easier to change the pillows than replace a red couch.  (Although I still drool at red couches every time I see one…sigh)

My husband would say I am ADD-attention deficit decorator.  Just when I start a project my mind starts racing with other ideas!  I know I am not the only one, so I decided to make this blog so that other people can see how I bargain shop, add my own flare, and even bottle my creative juices.  I might be able to teach you a thing or two or break the mold when it comes to decorating.  I hope I can help you think outside the box or inspire you to get started!




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