Birthday pre-game

Well HELLOOOOOO! It’s Friday Friday Friday OHHHH!

I am sitting here in class as bored as I could possibly be!  I think I would have more fun waiting in lines at Cedar Point for 3 hours than doing this homework!  But I thought I should give you a rundown of what my weekend looks like!

After class I am meeting some special gals and a BIRTHDAY GIRL for lunch and shopping at Levis Commons.  #Pregaming at Bar Louie is sounding really tasty!  After some girl time, I need to scoot home to get in a workout and some time with Jeremy. 

LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!  We will be going out for Smashley’s Birthday 🙂  Not sure where we will end up but dancing will be done!  Great workout when you dip it low girl, dip it, dip it low girl 😉

So I will keep you posted tomorrow with pictures and all the funness that is about to occur…

  • eats
  • dranks
  • workout
  • sillyness
  • happenings
  • music
  • birthday surprises
  • dancing anywhere we can find!


While you are reading….leave me a comment to let me know what you want more of? 

I want this blog to be fun as well as helpful to you or at least entertaining to someone other than myself 😉

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