My Aha! Moment Pt 1

Yesterday when Jeremy removed the shower doors we weren’t sure what to do with everything.  After more research on cold frames, I figured that I could recycle the doors and use them as the top.  I already thought about using windows but didn’t feel like paying for them on Craigslist (or even finding ones that would work.)

I thought about using cinder blocks as the frame, but when I thought about portability I sided with wood.  Jeremy and I went to Lowes since we had a gift card and purchased 8 2x6x8 whitewood boards and 8 metal corner brackets.  Here is the process we used to make the frame.  In the meantime, we returned the two cold frames that I just bought.

We cut our pieces to fit the doors so you will have to measure to determine what will work best for you!We used leftovers from the attic to support the wood to be stacked 2 boards high.Once Jeremy screwed those in, he attached the corner brackets to form the box.

Then we rested the glass piece on top.  I can’t believe this was so easy.  It only took about 30 mins to make 2 cold frames!

The final step for us will be posted in My “Aha” Moment Pt 2.  We will need to protect the wood with some sort of plant friendly finish (still looking…) and find the perfect spot in our yard then fill with plants!  Come on sunshine!!!

WHAT A MONEY SAVER!  Here is how the cost broke down for 2 cold frames each measuring 53.5 x 18.5:

wood: 8@3.34=26.72

angle brackets 8@1.81=14.48

screws=practically free

glass lid=2@free

Grand Total: 41.20  I cut the price in half!

If you can get your hands on bales of hay or straw you could have an even cheaper cold frame!  Although this frame can’t do all the things a more refined unit can, it would work really well both for starting seeds and hardening off transplants in the spring.  You could use it again in the fall to provide frost protection for cold-tolerant veggies and herbs (lettuce, kale, parsley, etc) and continue growing late into fall.

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