wedding bells are ringing….

In one week Derek and Nicole will be gettin hitched!  Nicole asked me to make her programs for the ceremony because like any bride who doesn’t have a wedding planner that drains mommy and daddy’s bank account, she is too busy! Imagine that…a bride being busy! 😉

She sent me all the info and I got to work typing it in just like I did for my own wedding.  Her colors are ivory, cranberry and silver.  I decided to use white card stock since the cream I found was more like tan (a little too dark to showcase her colors.)  Here is the program after printing and 2 stamps.I used two stamps and a clear block to make sure that I aligned them correctly…this may be my new favorite stamp accessory!  You simply stick the jelly stamp to the block and can peel it off anytime.  The grid lines came in very handy as well.Once stamped, I added a touch of silver by using a gel pen to trace the circles and add flair! Here is the outside:I can’t wait to take lots of pics of the B-E-A-utiful bride and her handsome prince.  Let the party begin!

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2 Responses to wedding bells are ringing….

  1. Connie Hughes says:

    Kayla, I am just so totally impressed. You may want to think about doing this as a business. You really do have a talent.

    • Thank you so much! I would truly love to have my own small building that I could craft and design things in. Or even go to people’s homes and help them organize, plan, etc. I could definitely do it for a living!

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