Cold Frame

Well last night I was uber frustrated with my plants…no I take that back.  I was uber frustrated with mother nature!  There has been barely any sun and all of my beautiful sprouts quickly withered.  I was looking at getting a greenhouse, but after talking to a local grower I decided to go with a cold frame.

What is a cold frame you ask?…  It is basically a box with no bottom and has a top that lets in light and can be opened or removed.  Its purpose is to create a friendly environment outdoors where plants grow faster and healthier than unprotected beds.

Here are the two I purchased from Lowes for $80 total: http: I thought it might help you out if I explained a little about cold frames in case you were debating on purchasing or making one of your own.

The benefits:

  • Seedlings will emerge faster and healthier (perfect! since I need to start over quickly!)
  • You can use a cold frame year round
  • A cold frame can be moved around in your yard
  • Plants get sunlight but can be vented easily unlike certain greenhouse models
  • Very inexpensive-especially if you make your own!
  • Use as a veggie “boot camp” for hardening off

Here are a few links to websites that show you how to construct your cold frame.  Make sure you do your research about what type of lumber and sealant to use that will not harm your food!

How to build a cold frame

What is a cold frame

Cold Frame Project

If you have any questions or want to share your ideas feel free to comment!

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