clips for Grace

Geese Louise! I have been so busy this week!  I am hoping I can get back to projects and blogging this weekend 🙂

As for now, I made some clips for a special little girl I know so that she can get used to having her pretty hair done. I make many other types including lady bugs, butterflies, cupcakes, hearts, bows, etc.   I have a few listed on Etsy or people just let me know if they have something special they would like me to make for their special lady.

Feel free to comment and I can list a custom made clip on Etsy for your little girl 🙂

tinkerbell, bee, rosette, frog

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2 Responses to clips for Grace

  1. Patty says:

    so cute! wondering if it’s too much to ask for you to make something to go with the pink/navy dress for the dress rehearsal. i’m wondering about a headband, if you’ve done those? she plays with mine quite often. i can get any supplies that you need or pay your for it or however you want to work it out! 🙂

    • Patty, I can do a braided headband or we can take a headband and wrap it with fabric and attach a rosette, critter, or flower made with other fabrics. If you have fabric scraps that you think would match I can see if those can be used first then see what else we would need! I will email you a few pictures this weekend of something similar to what I’m thinking.

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