Take off your coat and stay a while!

Once upon a time, we had a 400 sq.ft. apartment….now we have a 1200 sq.ft. house!  The tiny coat hanger that I bought back in the old days (which was only 4 years ago lol) is just not enough for our entryway.  I love this black shelf because of it’s antique detail, but I knew it was time to upgrade.IDEA?  Well when we bought our house there were leftovers in the garage attic.  Old chicken coop parts, boards, frames, corkboard, etc.  One of the leftovers was a set of wooden closet doors.  Since I love re-purposing, I thought of a way to use the door and give it more character.  I decided to make a coat hanger!  Here is the door:First: I had Jeremy (a.k.a. hubster) take off the handle and hinge brackets.Next: Jer used a circular saw to cut one of the the door panels in half.So far: STILL FREE!

Third: Start painting.  My idea was to use mustard yellow and red since these are the accent colors of the living room.  The yellow spray paint was less than $5 at Lowes.

Fourth: The paint was finished drying so I thought rubbing the door with a wax stick used for canning would help with the aged feel I wanted.  If I rubbed the door then sprayed red on top, the paint wouldn’t adhere, right?

WRONG.  The paint still stuck.

With all projects there are mishaps so I brushed it off!  I grabbed the finest sandpaper I had and rubbed the areas that I wanted to look worn.  Worked like a charm!

Last: I wanted 5 knobs spaced apart evenly so we measured and drilled holes.  I ran to Hobby Lobby because they have a HUGE selection of knobs which were 50% OFF! My lucky day!While browsing, I found many I wanted to share with you as inspiration although they did not match the style I was going for.

Once I got home we drilled the holes and added the knobs.  I sanded some spots to add the worn look I was going for to complete the project.  Now all I have to do it get my hubby to hang it…I will post more about that in two years!  All and all I finished this project for around $25!  I think I might make some more in different colors and sell them on Etsy 😉

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