Creating a compost bin

Every Sunday after we buy groceries, I come home and wash and cut all the veggies and fruits so that they are ready to eat during the week with little prep.  After washing everything, I have piles of leftovers.  Rather than throwing them away or throwing them over the fence (I try to throw food outside so the animals eat that rather than my plants…still hasn’t worked)  I decided to make use of the leftovers and just make a compost bin.  At least I can get use out of the compost by sprinkling it in my flower beds and soon to be garden.

In this post I will show you how to make your bin.  Check out “the ins and outs of composting” for help and hints.

I started with a plastic 18 gallon tote.  The tote was only $4 at Big Lots.  Jeremy drilled 8-10 small holes in the lid and the bottom of the tote to allow water to drain and promote air circulation.I emptied our paper shredder into the bottom of the bin.  The paper helps because it breaks down quickly and adds structure to the compost.  What a great way to recycle our junk mail!

After the paper, soil should be added on top.  You can add worms or not.  If you use worms (active bin) your compost will be done in 1-3 months. If you choose a passive process your compost will take up to a year to be ready.Once the soil is in, add water.  The water should be 50-60% of the weight.

Throw in your vegetables, fruits, paper, and any extra scraps you would like to recycle.

This isn't even 1/4 of the leftovers I have in a week!

If you are interested in composting and aren’t so fond of making your own bin, contact your municipal or waste management.  You may be able to get a composter delivered free or for the small cost of shipment!  Two days after I started thinking about a bin I received this in the mail…weird!

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