wildflower cards

I thought a fun, kid-friendly activity for Earth Day would be plantable greeting cards. Here is how it works:

1) Collect colored construction paper.  You can get scraps from a classroom if you have none at home.

2)Use a paper shredder or tear the paper into small strips.

3) Mix colors or use a single color.  Put in your blender or food processor with water (don’t burn up the motor!) Blend to a pulp. Sprinkle in flower seeds of your choice. (I found mine 11 packets for 99 cents at Menards.)

Don't forget to use water!!

4) Strain by lying the pulp on a cooking screen and press the water out with wax paper.  The thinner you can get the paper, the better. Let dry.

5) Once dry, cut the paper into shapes such as hearts, flowers, tree, letters, numbers, etc.

6) Use a piece of construction paper to make your greeting card and attach your seeded shape.  Finish decorating!  Don’t forget to leave a note explaining that the card should be planted.  Wildflowers will be popping up in no time!

This would also be a fun idea for Mother’s day or any other reason to give a card.  I recently sent one to a friend who had a loss in the family; I thought the flowers might bring some happiness and anything handmade is always special.

Enjoy and let me know if you try this!

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