Green Thumb

Last year I had every intention of planting a few veggies in a small garden.  Well, before I knew it, it was winter and I never found time to start a garden. 😦 I figured I better start early this year!  Starting is the hardest part because once I see my little seedlings I won’t want to let them fail.  After a trip to Menards, (they had the cheapest seed packets by far!) I picked up packets for around $.50 each.  I chose cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, dill weed, cilantro, musk melon, and watermelon.  I will buy more packets once spring gets closer but for now that was enough.

To start with seeds, you need seed starter soil.  Seed starter soil is light so that the sprout can poke through and is enriched with all the special goodies that a baby seed needs.I started by filling the seed kit with 3″ of soil.I sprayed the soil with the hose from my sink.After it was all wet and drained, I dug a small hole and popped the seeds in.  I covered each seed and place the clear cover on top.  I am hoping this will help keep moisture in since I don’t have the greenest thumb in the greenhouse.  I placed the seed kit in front of a sunny window.  P.S. I wish I was a seed and could sun bathe all day!

Here are the packets I planted today; I will post more pictures when I see some progress and start to plant more.

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