Chalkboard dilemma

I recently finished the frame I plan on using for the chalkboard and was itching to get the plywood and start the actual “board” portion of the project.  I called ahead to see if Lowe’s could cut a piece of plywood for us because although we have a table saw, our Chevy HHR was insisting that it not come home unless it lost some weight.  After having the wood cut at Lowe’s we loaded it up and brought it home.  Since you already know I am not a fan of sanding, I thought I would try and paint the board first and see if it would be smooth enough for my liking.  NOPE.I am going to sand this but it will be a few more weeks until I am ready to be out in the garage.  COME ON SPRING!

In the meantime, I was aimlessly wandering around the house to find other chalk-worthy things.  Eureka!

I cleaned off the tops and used a small brush to paint the surface.Once it was dry I did one more coat.  Once the paint is dry you are supposed to season the paint by rubbing chalk on the entire surface.  Once I started doing this, parts of the paint peeled which I anticipated on since I didn’t prime the glazed surface.  I liked the look of the chipped paint.  Here is the final outcome!  If I decide in a month that I don’t like this I can just peel it off-how convenient for my Attention Deficit Decorator issues 😉Here are some other things I like and I plan on using more chalkboard paint in the future.  Hope this inspires you!

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