Chalk it up

So I recently moved the hutch I refinished onto another wall so that I could showcase the gem I bought recently. I found a canvas print for $130 that was originally almost $400.  Here is the painting and hutch:Now I have a bare wall with a wall quote that once sat above the hutch.  The bench is only there to fill the space because it was driving me crazy.Since I love to cook I thought a big chalkboard would be fun to make and would solve my “naked” dilemma.  I went up to the attic to find more leftovers.  I ended up finding a wooden frame that just needed to be put back together.  Not cute but with a little elbow grease I can make it work….heck I can make anything work if it’s free! 😉I ran to the hardware store and was so glad I remembered to look at the “Oops!” paint.  If you don’t do this, you need to start.  “Oops!” paint is clearanced because it was tinted wrong or the customer wasn’t happy with the color once it was mixed.  Look at the bargain I found…$1.50 and a perfect match to the green in the painting for the dining room!  I was so geeked!!!I didn’t even bother sanding the frame because honestly I hate sanding and it’s not worth it to me for it to be perfect.  I think imperfection=character.I finished two coats and left it to dry.  Next step is finding plywood to make the actual chalkboard.  More about that soon!

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