After the frost project, we came inside to warm up and the sleet just kept coming down!  We woke up the next morning to this:

Can you say power outage?!

It gets better folks….

More than 70,000 people lost power in our area and the surrounding cities!  Luckily, (don’t know how we slipped under the radar) we had power.  I had the day off since I am a therapist for kiddos with special needs…lots to get done on a day off!

My hubby had given me specific instructions to NOT FROST THE FRONT DOOR until it was warm out.  Obviously I like to bend the rules a little and I figured that the door could be opened long enough to become room temp.  If it’s too cold, it will crack when it’s drying.  So I opened the door to warm it up and cleaned it with dish soap.

After it was dry and warm I sprayed the first coat.  It smelled so strong! I cracked some windows but it was so cold out that I shut them after a little bit and decided to listen to my hubby and just wait it out ’till spring.  (I know, I know…he was right 😉

Since I was having too much fun with the spray and wanted to play more I headed to the bathrooms.  Both of our bathrooms have a small window above the door to let sunlight through so I thought it would be fun to frost the windows and add a wall quote…duh.  (I LOVE WALL QUOTES) 

I shut the door, opened the window and sprayed away.  While that was drying I busted out the famous Cricut and found a template for “HIS” “HERS.”  How perfect?!

I used black vinyl which I purchased at Hobby Lobby for the plate project which I will post soon.  I cut the vinyl using my machine and in less than 10 minutes had it stuck on the window.  Then it was time for coat #2 of frost.  The END!  So easy and look how it turned out!

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