Birthday pre-game

Well HELLOOOOOO! It’s Friday Friday Friday OHHHH!

I am sitting here in class as bored as I could possibly be!  I think I would have more fun waiting in lines at Cedar Point for 3 hours than doing this homework!  But I thought I should give you a rundown of what my weekend looks like!

After class I am meeting some special gals and a BIRTHDAY GIRL for lunch and shopping at Levis Commons.  #Pregaming at Bar Louie is sounding really tasty!  After some girl time, I need to scoot home to get in a workout and some time with Jeremy. 

LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!  We will be going out for Smashley’s Birthday 🙂  Not sure where we will end up but dancing will be done!  Great workout when you dip it low girl, dip it, dip it low girl 😉

So I will keep you posted tomorrow with pictures and all the funness that is about to occur…

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  • dranks
  • workout
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  • birthday surprises
  • dancing anywhere we can find!


While you are reading….leave me a comment to let me know what you want more of? 

I want this blog to be fun as well as helpful to you or at least entertaining to someone other than myself 😉

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Cheap Treasures

Well let me start by saying that I found this gem for FREE! We were leaving our house and our neighbor put it out by the road…silly goose!My plan is to put flowers in it and find a place for it in the yard 🙂 Any other ideas?

THEN…Jeremy’s boss invited employees to come to his garage sale before the public so I picked up these things for $9 total.

$3 - might spray paint

 Perfect for xmas $2

I also got a bag of burlap to sew some pillowcases out of! $1  What have you found at a sale that you were excited about?

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My Aha! Moment Pt 1

Yesterday when Jeremy removed the shower doors we weren’t sure what to do with everything.  After more research on cold frames, I figured that I could recycle the doors and use them as the top.  I already thought about using windows but didn’t feel like paying for them on Craigslist (or even finding ones that would work.)

I thought about using cinder blocks as the frame, but when I thought about portability I sided with wood.  Jeremy and I went to Lowes since we had a gift card and purchased 8 2x6x8 whitewood boards and 8 metal corner brackets.  Here is the process we used to make the frame.  In the meantime, we returned the two cold frames that I just bought.

We cut our pieces to fit the doors so you will have to measure to determine what will work best for you!We used leftovers from the attic to support the wood to be stacked 2 boards high.Once Jeremy screwed those in, he attached the corner brackets to form the box.

Then we rested the glass piece on top.  I can’t believe this was so easy.  It only took about 30 mins to make 2 cold frames!

The final step for us will be posted in My “Aha” Moment Pt 2.  We will need to protect the wood with some sort of plant friendly finish (still looking…) and find the perfect spot in our yard then fill with plants!  Come on sunshine!!!

WHAT A MONEY SAVER!  Here is how the cost broke down for 2 cold frames each measuring 53.5 x 18.5:

wood: 8@3.34=26.72

angle brackets 8@1.81=14.48

screws=practically free

glass lid=2@free

Grand Total: 41.20  I cut the price in half!

If you can get your hands on bales of hay or straw you could have an even cheaper cold frame!  Although this frame can’t do all the things a more refined unit can, it would work really well both for starting seeds and hardening off transplants in the spring.  You could use it again in the fall to provide frost protection for cold-tolerant veggies and herbs (lettuce, kale, parsley, etc) and continue growing late into fall.

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wedding bells are ringing….

In one week Derek and Nicole will be gettin hitched!  Nicole asked me to make her programs for the ceremony because like any bride who doesn’t have a wedding planner that drains mommy and daddy’s bank account, she is too busy! Imagine that…a bride being busy! 😉

She sent me all the info and I got to work typing it in just like I did for my own wedding.  Her colors are ivory, cranberry and silver.  I decided to use white card stock since the cream I found was more like tan (a little too dark to showcase her colors.)  Here is the program after printing and 2 stamps.I used two stamps and a clear block to make sure that I aligned them correctly…this may be my new favorite stamp accessory!  You simply stick the jelly stamp to the block and can peel it off anytime.  The grid lines came in very handy as well.Once stamped, I added a touch of silver by using a gel pen to trace the circles and add flair! Here is the outside:I can’t wait to take lots of pics of the B-E-A-utiful bride and her handsome prince.  Let the party begin!

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Cold Frame

Well last night I was uber frustrated with my plants…no I take that back.  I was uber frustrated with mother nature!  There has been barely any sun and all of my beautiful sprouts quickly withered.  I was looking at getting a greenhouse, but after talking to a local grower I decided to go with a cold frame.

What is a cold frame you ask?…  It is basically a box with no bottom and has a top that lets in light and can be opened or removed.  Its purpose is to create a friendly environment outdoors where plants grow faster and healthier than unprotected beds.

Here are the two I purchased from Lowes for $80 total: http: I thought it might help you out if I explained a little about cold frames in case you were debating on purchasing or making one of your own.

The benefits:

  • Seedlings will emerge faster and healthier (perfect! since I need to start over quickly!)
  • You can use a cold frame year round
  • A cold frame can be moved around in your yard
  • Plants get sunlight but can be vented easily unlike certain greenhouse models
  • Very inexpensive-especially if you make your own!
  • Use as a veggie “boot camp” for hardening off

Here are a few links to websites that show you how to construct your cold frame.  Make sure you do your research about what type of lumber and sealant to use that will not harm your food!

How to build a cold frame

What is a cold frame

Cold Frame Project

If you have any questions or want to share your ideas feel free to comment!

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Scrub-A-Dub-Dub Part 1

Jeremy has been itching to get at his bathroom door frame as long as I can remember.  Well apparently today was the day! First he took the doors of then unscrewed the tracks. While he was working away, Tazz thought a nap sounded great.  Silly rascal likes to sit on the big couch pillows 😉 Oh how I adore him! He used this Auto Load 9mm snap off utility knife to scrape away the caulk along side of the tracks and pulled them away from the tile.  While he was working away I thought he deserved a delish banana berry smoothie!  In case you want to make one here is my concoction: 1 banana, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 scoop oats, 1 handful spinach, flax oil, almond milk, ice, chia seeds.Once he pulled all the tracks off he continued to scrape away the extra caulk left behind.  This part was soooo easy!Ahhhh…finished! We thought that was going to be much much worse.  For today, we decided to just re-caulk since we are going to fix his grout at a later date.  One trick Jeremy learned today from a fellow shopper (Thank you, Anonymous Man!) was to fill the tub with water before caulking.  This allows the caulk to be pulled while wet rather than dry and crack from the weight.  So anyway…the result is pretty boring to post (just a plain ol’ tub) however, it sure felt great to get that part crossed off our list!

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Teapot revisited

The tea pot I bought last week just got back from the Cricut hospital for it’s face lift.  😉

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